a little night music

cabaret & other stories

We recorded A LITTLE NIGHT MUSIC for our friends as a concept-metaphor, the music and lyrics of which create an atmospheric pattern of various love themes ... so that they can sit in the night and dream ... of an exciting world, somewhat fairy-tale-ish and unreal, theatrically lush, exuberantly showy, sometimes jolly, often nostalgic ...
We chose songs about the paradoxes of life. About common, everyday things, but seen through a strange and daring prism. Fragments of a cabaret and a musical as a mirror of our culture and of modernity itself, where we believe there is a spirit of freedom, brave satire, irony and provocation.
Interpreting all these themes, in an attempt to seduce and entertain, we comment on those things, which are important and special for us.
Our varied moods ..., poetic, dancing, exotic, frivolous, exquisite, ... melancholic ...In this little night music, we are brave, we dive into our own mirror, lost in the stars, because there is just one life to live! Enjoy!
Ina Kancheva, soprano